A few weeks ago I chatted with Emma at about the porn apps, MiKandi, our Google Glass adult app, Tits & Glass, and sex toys.


“Women have a lot of products that are really awesome, but men don’t have that kind of choice,” says Jen McEwen, a former sex…

Played by Google Play

A few years ago, Apple purged the Apple App Storeof apps that bared too much skin for their tastes, dubbed “bikini apps”. It became widely known that, while not an option for hardcore apps, Google Play was a viable alternative to developers who desired to create and share apps of racier fare. Everything was working for awhile. Developers would distribute their sexy but censored apps in Google Play, while offering the full monty in the MiKandi  store. That is, until last month, when Google updated their content policyto further restrict sexual content, giving sexy apps the boot.


MiKandi Porn Apps - Nona Malone